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The scalable foundation for modern technology companies.


Trust the foundation powering today’s fastest growing companies from startup to IPO and beyond.

The Foundation You Need to Scale with Hyper-Growth

In the high tech industry, vision and the ability to scale often separate the alsorans from the winners. Project Center’s cloud ERP/financial suite is the top choice of technology companies who understand that the key to unlocking and managing growth is a back office system that can address today’s challenges while providing the critical foundation needed for the future.

Project Center uniquely understands the challenges facing hyper-growth software companies. We’ve grown our business from start-up to software industry leader with annual revenue run rate of over half a billion. And we did it running on Project Center.


Increase finance efficiency and accuracy through automation of key business processes.

Streamline the Back Office so You can Focus on Growing the Business

With growth comes business complexity. You have to manage more complex business processes such as revenue recognition, forecasting, procurement, specialized pricing models, recurring/subscription based revenue streams, order management and an embedded professional services team, just to name a few.

The processes and systems that worked well when your business was a start-up, or focused on a single product set, or selling in a single geography, begin to break down. It’s tempting to augment with spreadsheets and standalone applications to meet incremental needs as they arise. But as growth continues, these un-integrated processes and ad-hoc applications begin to hinder productivity.


A solution that fosters innovation within your organization. Easy to use and accessible anytime, anywhere.

The Choice for Modern, Forward-Looking Tech Companies

Fragmented business systems, siloed data and manual processes stifle growth. Modern technology companies require a foundation that enables flexibility, agility and visibility. Cloud computing is the accepted business architecture of today and tomorrow. You are free to focus on innovation rather than the burden of maintaining hardware and software.

With Project Center you have access to important business metrics anytime, anywhere. Our solutions are optimized for the latest mobile devices. And the solution is easy to use so you can increase employee productivity and ramp new employees quickly.